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Author Topic: CISO Charter  (Read 8624 times)
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« on: September 21, 2015, 05:40:44 PM »

 I thought it appropriate at this time to post our charter. We have not had general meetings for some time, but when we did, each new member was given a copy of this in the hand out folder they received. Since some have come and joined they have not been able to see this.

  Cadillac in Southern Ontario      Constitution

 Mission Statement

 It is the aim of Cadillac in Southern Ontario (CISO) to offer a club experience to all Cadillac owners, no matter the vintage of the car.
Fellowship and friendship, sharing of technical expertise and information shall be shared among all members able to do so for the
betterment of all club members. Cars need not confine themselves to as assembled configurations, and as such aftermarket conversions,
mechanical and aesthetic modifications being for the sake of safety of better performance shall be accepted.


 1. These guidelines will be in the interest and execution of the Mission Statement. Changes can be made so long as the mission statement is adhered to.

 2. All years of Cadillacs and LaSalles will be accepted.

 3. Cars need not be in "stock" or as delivered condition.

 4. Participation in club events will be promoted and encouraged as they become organised. If a small segment of the club wish to hold a meet, or function,it will be encouraged, but disclusion of other members will not be allowed.

 5. There will be no cost of membership to join the on line forum, however if dues are introduced, it will be encouraged that on line
    members contribute. It will be the sole purpose of any funds the club aquired to go to the club in support of events, publications
    or the purchase of material to be sold to increase club funds. A treasurer will be appointed to oversee those funds, and disclosure   shall be given to any member upon request.

 6. It will be actively promoted that all members participate in forwarding the club's interests, and no rivalry between clubs and members shall exist.

 7. Affiliates should the issue arise, will be granted on an individual basis on the discretion of the executive of the club. The executive
    at all times refer to the mission statement.

 8. Executive of the club will be reviewed on a bi-annual basis. There will be 3 primary executive, each holding no more privilege than the others. Directors will be instated as the need arises, and they will be in communication with the executive.

 9. Decision of the executive will prevail, but not final and subject to review.

 Executive committee as stands, June 2010

 Mike Jones
 Gareth Jones
 Jon Rossiter

 This will come under review June 2012, and every 2 years thereafter.
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