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Title: " Garage Rental or Small Shop "
Post by: chevysuburban196 on October 09, 2015, 03:13:49 AM
Hi everyone,
How are you all doing?
Now that winter is just around the corner and I am sure that most of you Cadillac Owners have storage for your beautiful Cadillac automobiles, but then maybe some don't have storage or a place that their Cadillac can call home, like myself.
Well I never thought in a million years that Dave Beveridge would ever buy himself a beautiful mint and running  and very rare Cadillac Eldorado Barittz convertible.
I knew that I had to get my T touring Street rod sold in order to buy myself a rare Cadillac convertible as I also wanted a smaller Cadillac convertible.
Well the T is still in my 12.5 X 28 foot garage that I rent and have been renting since way before my divorce was done. I have become a Crippled over time and I really do not want to finish my T touring as I can not get in this automobile with out my legs cramping and giving out on me, needed to hire a few people to clean out my tiny and long garage out and sell my T before bringing ROSE home. I have plenty of work that needs to be done and put my T touring up fore sale before ROSE comes home to this long and narrow 1 car garage.
Well I am looking for a nice and clean 1 large or 2 car garage or a small shop that maybe others know of and yet need a few guys to go in on a shop for monthly rent.

Is their any one knowing where I can rent a large 1 car garage or a 2 car garage in the Hamilton threw to Burlington, Oakville or even Mississauga one that some old couple have and need some extra monthly cash to make it by every month.
Now even though I rent a small 1 car narrow garage in North Burlington, I would keep it but its in a Town house complex and the visitors parking the landlord has also rented his visitors parking out to other tenants in this complex that have more than one car, and if say I wanted to go to a cruise night, I have no place from X brand to park for 3 to 6 hours while I'm at a cruise night with ROSE.
I am looking for a large 1 car garage or preferably a 2 car garage for my to rent where I can leave ROSE inside at night and to store my tools and ROSE only.
ROSE has wide doors as everyone must know, she is a 2 door and I needed a 2 door so I can slide across the front seat and then sit up and get into the position so I can drive my car comfortably.
I would not mind even renting a small shop with other Cadillac owners, or other old automobiles, as long as I have room to get in and out from ROSE, and a place to hang my tools in also.
I am willing to rent any where from West Hamilton threw to Burlington, North Burlington, Milton or in the country from Burlington threw to Oakville threw Mississauga, North Mississauga, at a reasonable rate and store and work on ROSE ( small repairs)
Perhaps their maybe some persons interested in going in a small shop, I would be very interested say between $100 to $150 per month
Anyone interested. or maybe a parent that's wishing to rent their garage out for long term.

Well I will be looking from now threw to end of May 2016.
and hopefully I can get my narrow garage cleaned and get ROSE in their for the time being.

Well guys and gals, I rented a storage unit at $250 per month at the moment and ROSE will be away as of October 22th, 2015.
If anyone can help me out on this or wanted to go in on a small shop and need  another person, I am very interested.
My number is 289-707-2741. I am not always on this forum it is a lot easier just to phone me,
Thank you very much for letting me post this letter on here,
I remain,
Dave Beveridge